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Spot Zero SZ Series Fresh Water R.O. Systems

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The Spot Zero SZ Series freshwater reverse-osmosis system was designed to treat freshwater from dock supplies from all over the world with varying water quality characteristics, pressures, and temperatures. Dock water is potable, but our SZ machines take water that’s a few hundred ppm typically down to 20 ppm or lower, for ultra-pure spot-freewater on board your vessel.

Standard Features

  • Fully Modular Remote Mountable Design
  • LCD Backlit Display
  • Tank Switch Input
  • 316L Stainless Steel Flow & Pressure Components
  • Digital TDS Reading
  • TEFC Motor with Thermal Motor Protection
  • Ultra-Low Energy Membranes
  • Computer Controller
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Spot Zero SZ Series Fresh Water R.O. Systems

2000 GPD – 3000 GPD (Purifies Dock Water & Watermaker Product Water)

Imagine a gleaming boat and a spot-free wash down with no need to go back and wipe or chamois- dry the vessel’s finished surfaces.

The Dometic Spot Zero removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from any dock or on-board water supply. The result is soft, pure water that lets water-sprayed surfaces dry clean without leaving spots that have to be wiped away. Air-drying after a Spot Zero rinse helps preserve the boat’s paint and wax finishes since “wiping away” dissolved solids can grind them into finished surfaces, creating minute scratches.

Fill your holding tanks with Dometic Spot Zero water to be used for bathing, cooking, drinking, and making crystal-clear ice on-board. Enjoy spot-free glassware, dishes, and shower surfaces, and eliminate mineral build-up in ice machines for less maintenance.

Dometic Spot Zero uses a multi-step reverse-osmosis process: Filters remove sediment, granulated activated carbon removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, and a semi- permeable membrane allows the passage of water but not ions or larger molecules. In addition to eliminating 95-99% of TDS, Dometic Spot Zero also removes viruses, cysts, bacteria, and radioactive contaminants from any dock water anywhere in the world.

Spot Zero Double Pass models are available that purify water from both a dockside freshwater source and the output from your onboard seawater reverse osmosis system.

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