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AT18DCZ 7″Mount Ring 230V

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Dometic “Whisper Cool” AT-DC Air Handler


Dometic “Whisper Cool” AT-DC Air Handler

The AT-DC series of chilled water air handlers represents the new standard in marine HVAC engineering that you’ll barely notice. Thanks to “WhisperCool” technology, the AT-DC series harnesses engineering refinements to eliminate the annoying “motor hum” heard from ordinary air handlers operating at very low fan speeds. Incoming alternating current is converted to drive a brushless DC internal blower motor, resulting in super-quiet and highly-efficient performance across all fan speeds.

Additional design changes in the air handlers eliminate condensate drain problems, reduce dripping condensation and standing water issues. An improved coil enhances cooling and dehumidification performance. The redesigned unit also creates easily accessible water-pressure test points for troubleshooting and maintenance.

All Marine Air air handlers use corrosion-resistant materials. They feature “positive-flow” drain pans with anti-slosh foam lining and are fully insulated against secondary condensation.

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